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Author Topic: Fanart contest results - runners up!  (Read 8951 times)

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Fanart contest results - runners up!
« on: December 16, 2006, 05:03:00 AM »
Hello! The fanart contest is over and here are the three runners-up!  The three winning entries will be announced tomorrow. 

The creators of these three fanarts will receive a free copy of the Blackwell Legacy soundtrack:

First up, we have this painting of Rosangela by "Penguin":

Secondly, by "Chicky" is a painting of Kelly.  This was based on an old design of the character, but since Chicky didn't know that (and the picture is so darn good) I consider it entry-worthy.

This last drawing is a total mindtrip by "Zoot", which I've entitled: Joey as seen through the eyes of Tim Burtin.  On acid.

AWESOME WORK, GUYS!  Be sure to get in touch with me before release day to secure your copy of the soundtrack. 

The three winning entries will be shown tomorrow.