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Did the last 2 games just get released for Linux?

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GOG.com lists Blackwell Epiphany and the Blackwell Bundle (1-4) as being supported on Linux:


Did these really get ported, or is is just a mistake at GOG because the first three games have Linux ports?

I noticed that they had Linux packages when I bought games during GOG's summer sale. My suspicion is they took it upon themselves to get the games working on the Linux version of AGS.

Huh. Dunno why I didn't see this thread before.

The story behind this is a bit complicated. In a nutshell, the Linux versions on GOG are merely emulations using the WINE wrapper. They aren't native Linux games. They do the same thing for the Mac versions that are on their website. The Linux/Mac versions are not available anywhere else because 1) Steam doesn't accept emulated ports and 2) I don't feel comfortable selling something on my website that I can't personally support.

That said, we are veryyy slowwwlyy porting our back catalog. Progress has hit a snail's pace this year because my wife, who handles the ports, has had numerous health issues that prevents her from working as much as she should. She's doing better now, but it's slow going. We appreciate your patience. We are a tiny shop and can work only so fast. :)


Great to know those are under way! I've just finished the first three parts, will keep an eye out for updates on Steam. I really hate the idea of buying Windows-only games and running them through wine. In the meantime I think I'll try the other series/titles from your catalogue.

Hi Dave,

could you please give us an update on the current situation?

It's just that we penguins would really like to continue with the saga...


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