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Primordia is much more than a game and can be compared to the works of great sci-fi writers like Asimov. I can't praise it enough.

Are you planning a sequel?

That's a very flattering (and generous) comparison! We don't currently have any plans for a sequel, at least none beyond the spin-off story "Fallen." Sorry to disappoint!

Played the game this weekend and loved it.

I'm assuming that this game takes place on a different planet (although a future Earth is possible)...

I wonder if Horatio continues believing in Humanism, even though MetroMind clued him in that humans were just fallible beings. If this takes place in an alternate timeline, wouldn't Horatio encountering humans in space be a cool sequel? I mean... either if groups of humans evolved independently or the planet of Primordia is one that was colonized by humans...

Thanks for the kind words!  We survive by word of mouth, and it's always nice to hear that someone liked the game as well.

My intention is that it takes place on another planet (another "reality"), though there are some questions such as the use of our-Earth iconography and references (such as "Thanatos" and "Horus") and I think the coin that you can get from Oswald and Cornelius suggests it's a quarter, though I now can't remember.

We did do a sequel-ish story called "Fallen" (primordia-game.com/fallen.html), which involves the people in space.

I think Horatio would continue believing in Man, possibly as something distinct from the humans described to him.  Or maybe he would realize that even fallible forebears are still worth revering because, for all their flaws, they accomplished mighty things!


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