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Author Topic: Brian Moriarty wants to make a LOOM sequel with Wadjet Eye Games!!  (Read 15890 times)

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Re: Brian Moriarty wants to make a LOOM sequel with Wadjet Eye Games!!
« Reply #15 on: March 09, 2015, 05:12:05 PM »
 You can also find a copy of Sam & Max Hit The Road (PC, Mac or Linux) for $5.99 And The Secret of Monkey Island (Special Edition) (PC) for $9.99 on GOG.com. These are awesome Lucas Art classics at a very low price  8)

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Re: Brian Moriarty wants to make a LOOM sequel with Wadjet Eye Games!!
« Reply #16 on: June 14, 2016, 02:09:40 PM »
Well, an unofficial Loom sequel is already being made and I like how it looks. But the series was originally planned to have three parts...
Or, Wadjet Eye could propose the author of the sequel to continue his work and keep him as a co-author... I don't know how it is made, but I see nothing wrong in companies making games together with fans, provided they don't just steal the fans' ideas, but rather help them and acknowledge their status as co-authors...
Yes, Wadjet Eye seems to be currently one of not many companies that continue the classic adventure game style. Plus, I would say Rosa Blackwell has something to do with Bobbin Threadbare, their stories and decisions bear some similarities.

Generally, I think 3D and photo-graphics (think Gabriel Knight 2) were a big step in the wrong direction. At least for me. I don't like photo-graphic games, it just takes away the atmosphere. I don't like 3D either. First, i probably don't really know what it means to see in three dimensions - I suffer from strabismus (surgery has been unable to repair it), looking all the time with both eyes I would see double, so my brain has learned to ignore most signal from the more shortsighted left eye (this is called "lazy eye syndrome"). "Magic Eye" and 3D glasses don't work for me. Second - 3D graphics have to be extremely polished (and thus "heavy" in terms of disk space) to look really good, basic 3D graphics look like the world after a nuclear war.
I love high-resolution EGA graphics ("Quest for Glory" 1 and 2, "King's Quest 1" 1st remake, "Loom", "Codename: Iceman" - a horribly difficult game, by the way, but still cute - and several others) and the "painted" VGA style - "King's Quest 6", "Legend of Kyrandia", "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis", "Die Höhlenwelt-Saga", the Blackwell series and many more... Some cartoony graphics are also pretty (Humongous Entertainment children's games - yup, I'm a voluntarily single and childless 35-year-old, but I really like games, books and movies for children). But I just don't like what happened to adventure games around 1995 - the graphics were perhaps more sophisticated, but lost their charm... Which is why I mostly play retro games - either actually made in the late 80s or early 90s, or looking as if they were made in that period...