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Game crash on chapter 4

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Hello there,

I have been playing A Golden Wake excitedly (finally another Grundislav production, I fan-girled all over the place when I found out!) and at the near end I try a line of dialogue, the game goes black and back to the desktop. Probably this info is relevant, OS: Win7, 64-bit.

*spoiler alert*

In chapter 4, when I go the train station and talk with the train guard all dialogue goes well until at the end "Attempt persuasion", he replies and when I am expecting the sales pitch scene, the screen goes black, windows says the game stopped working, it will try to find a solution (as we all know how well that always goes!) and that's it.

I have default configurations of the game, but I tried to vary, from running in a window to no sound and still an error. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how did you solve it?

Thanks in advance!

Odd! That shouldn't happen and nobody ever reported it happening.

Did you get your copy from Steam, GOG, or Humble?

It's from GOG. I'm fairly new to the site (yes, the winter sales brought me there...) so I guess I could have asked there too. Anyway, I checked the forum and there is no one complaining about the subject either.

Could it be the OS? I will have access to a friend's computer with Win XP next week, I will try playing in that one and tell you how it works out - I did try playing in compatibility mode with XP in my computer, but that lead me nowhere. Then again, that might point that something is wrong with my computer specifically...  :(

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts, it would be much appreciated.

Sorry for interrupting again, but I just had a thought. Can anyone try playing my 2 last savegames before I have the error?


*spoiler alert* (just in case nobody read the first post)

The first one is Alfie before entering George's mother's house, the second is by the station, when all dialog with the trainmaster is exhausted except "Attempt persuasion". It is at that time that I try it and the game crashes. Can anyone just try to see, with these savegames, if all goes well? I cannot help thinking I might have done something wrong in previous actions in the game - although I replayed the game again, this time I confirmed with a walkthrough (probably the only time it was used for a good cause and not just cheating!  ;) ) and it all checks out.

I will be very thankful if anyone tries this and lets me know!

firestarter000, everything works for me with your last save - I can either persuade the trainmaster (or fail and try something different).

Here is a save for you just after that, upon entering the train:


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