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Author Topic: iPhone/iPad: Broken Saved Games  (Read 8927 times)

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iPhone/iPad: Broken Saved Games
« on: May 27, 2015, 08:57:01 AM »
Apple recently introduced a new requirement for all apps to be 64-bit compatible. Our games were based on an older version of the AGS (Adventure Game Studio) engine, which was only 32-bit compatible.  We had to upgrade all our games to the latest 64-bit compatible version of the AGS engine. Unfortunately the new version of the engine is incompatible with the old one in terms of saved games, so you will get error messages when trying to load older save games.

We usually pride ourselves in keeping saved games compatibility between versions because we know how horrible it is to lose the game you have been playing, but it was not possible in this case. If we had not upgraded the engine, it would no longer have been possible to release updates to the App store, and a serious crashing bug had been introduced by the iOS 8.2 update. This caused the game to crash every half-hour or so on some devices, which I think you will agree is unacceptable.

We had the choice between never updating the game again (and leaving the frequent crash bug in) or biting the bullet and updating right now, knowing that it would break some people's saved games.  Please don't be apprehensive about us releasing another update that will break saved games; we don't anticipate that Apple will make such a huge change as the update from 32-bit to 64-bit for several years.We fully intend to preserve save games in future updates unless Apple makes it absolutely impossible.

Below is a link for a walkthrough of the Shivah. It is possible to get through the game pretty quickly if you follow a walkthrough; most of the time spent playing adventure games is taken in solving the puzzles. I hope you can get back to where you were quite quickly.


So Sorry!

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