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Author Topic: Latest steam version issues  (Read 5998 times)

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Latest steam version issues
« on: November 21, 2014, 08:07:57 AM »
1) When U open the Journal and the Note right after this (they something like booth open at the same time), then U close the Note, but U can't close the Journal, because the back button disappeared. There is a solution without loading previous save, U must only chose from menu and open the journal again, than the button will be visible.
2) At the end of Supercollider U can make a situation that U can go up to last switch without a plate, like the plate was there but invisible.
3) The could be a option to delete a single savegame position.

I'm now 100% achivements in all steam games from WadjetEyeGames, the I will test the steam cloud for all of them - sorry that I drain again this thing, but this option is really useful :)
Also maybe I should prepare savegame from @2
Tomasz Kulig