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Author Topic: New review of The Shivah at www.i-luv-games.com!  (Read 6737 times)


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New review of The Shivah at www.i-luv-games.com!
« on: September 03, 2007, 03:27:34 PM »


Just announcing the launch of my new site which is dedicated to indie games and related material.  I have completed several reviews and The Shivah happens to be one of them.  The site is small right now but I plan on having more content with indie news, previews and interviews in the near future.  I'll be updating whenever possible and I'll be adding new features and enhancements over time.  Please check the site and the review out at www.i-luv-games.com

or go to http://www.i-luv-games.com

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. 

Thank you and take care.

Best Regards,
John (Site Administrator)