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I can't get past the biplane puzzle.  First I slow down, open the top, speed up, get into position, and wait for the plane.  Every single time I do this, Mabel slips and I have to rescue her.  She mentions something about "getting it right", but I'm not sure what that means.  Once the plane comes, I can't interact with the controls.  And after getting the plane into position, Mabel doesn't give me any hint about what I need to do to keep her from falling off.

Is this a bug, or am I just missing something?

You are missing something. Mabel needs to regain her footing to climb up on the plane. If you move the car underneath normally, she'll just drop in. Can you think of how you might be able to provide a surface for Mabel to stand on to regain her footing?

tom ald:
This BiPlane thing needs fixing, the controls are horrible.
Arcade does not belong in this type of game
I've been at it for an hour and you need not know the adjectives I;m using

I must admit the resolution of this puzzle wasn't obvious. I only found it because I asked myself "well, what haven't I tried yet?". But it feels a bit wonky.

I actually really liked this puzzle. Now, the game itself was a bit too easy and I wasn't wild about the writing but that puzzle was fun and the controls worked perfectly on my steam copy.


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