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Frankie Teardrop:
Hello there,

I downloaded the game yesterday from humble bundle & installed it. So when I start the game then the game is not in "fullscreen". There is a black frame around it, so that the size of the playable screen is a little bit smaller.
Can someone help please?

Thanks from Stuttgart / Germany

PS: Nice font. Can someone tell me the name of that font please?

Unfortunately I can't help you since I'm not having this issue - but it might make it easier for others to help you if you told us what OS you're on.

Frankie Teardrop:
Thanks for your answer. I'm playing on a PC with Win 7 (64-bit).

Frankie Teardrop, you shoud run winsetup.exe from the game's folder (somewhere in C:\Program Files maybe) and try different options there, like turning off 'Run in a window...' and choosing different 'Graphics filter'.

Frankie Teardrop:
Thanks Yuri, I tried winsetup.exe but the black frame around the game is still there. Strange, never had the problem with a Wadjet Eye Game before ...


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