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Transfering Save Files from Linux to Windows 7


So, I saw that there was a post about playing Resonance with save files from Windows 7 in Linux, and I wasn't sure if I should post this question in that same thread, but I didn't want it to be missed. Hopefully no one minds that I'm pretty much asking the same question but backwards:

I was on Ubuntu running Resonance on PlayOnLinux, but now I'm on Windows 7 and I can't get my transferred save files to load. The game recognizes them in my saved game folder and I can see the screencaps from my save points in the load menu, but when I choose a file, the game crashes and I get a pop up saying Error: RunAGSGame: unable to load new game file 'RESO~PMR.EXE'

Is there any way to access my saves? Thank you in advance for the help and sorry for the newbie question.

Sadly I'm not sure. I know that when we make a linux version ourselves, the saved games are not compatible.The save game files and the version of the EXE are tightly connected, so if you changed the EXE it might not recognize the save files.

Ah, I see. Was afraid it might be something like that. But no worries, I'll just start over lol.

Thank you for the reply!


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