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Author Topic: Wrote my own ending for Blackwell Epiphany! Fanfiction  (Read 6869 times)

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Wrote my own ending for Blackwell Epiphany! Fanfiction
« on: July 21, 2014, 11:22:58 AM »
Rosangela Blackwell was overcome with an incredible surge of power as the universe filled her mind with all the knowledge in the world. After managing to lock Madeline in the void, with the help of her loyal spirit guide Joey Mallone, Rosangela felt the intense pressure to save every spook in the world. She stood in the middle of the roof of Grace School, with her arms outstretched, granting safety and eternal rest to all the lost souls of the world.

Rosangela looked at Joey. He was staring at her his mouth open. On a normal day she would have felt smug at the fact that she had just surprised him. She used to impatiently wait for the day when she would be able to get rid of Joey. Now that the time had come, she was not sure if she wanted to do this at all.

“Joey…its time,” said Rosangela. Her voice stuttered and quivered as she spoke .

“Time for what?” replied the spirit. Joey knew well enough what he had to do. He felt suddenly apprehensive. His usual cheekiness and confidence were replaced with uncertainty.

“It’s time to move on,” replied Rosangela.

She watched Joey float up in the sky towards the vortex, where millions of spooks were still entering.

“I can’t enter. Something is stopping me!” yelled Joey.
“Try again!” was Rosangela’s faint reply.

No matter how hard he tried to move towards the vortex, a supernatural force was barring him from entering. Defeated, he returned to his host.

“It was no use sweetheart. Let us get out of here, we would be in a mess if someone finds us here,” said Joey cheerily.

Rosangela was not in the mood. She seemed to be a little off. Her legs trembled as she walked down the stairs to the foyer, where Father Michael lay dead.  Her face seemed rather too pale.  She shivered as she opened the door and started to walk out towards her apartment.

“Hey, wait for me Red! Why are you hurrying!” exclaimed Joey. Rosangela was behaving strangely enough.

They continued to walk in silence until they turned towards the Grace church.

“Hey Red, how many spooks have you saved, eh?” asked Joey to start a conversation.
“All of them.”

Joey did not like her short replies. Something was up and he did not like it.

“So now we can uh, take a break right? Then when someone dies we can get back to business,” remarked Joey, still trying to be optimistic.

“Yeah! We can go to the movies! Or a vacation in the sun!” exclaimed Rosangela, suddenly all excited.

Joey breathed a sigh of relief. She seemed herself all over again.

“I haven’t watched a movie since like, forever!” agreed Joey.

Suddenly Rosangela fell to the ground, holding her head. Her body started to twitch uncontrollably.

“Red, are you allright?! Red answer me please! Is this a relapse?!”

Joey floated around the violently trembling body of Rosangela while she fought to speak to him.

“I…I wanted you to go…so you won’t watch me…die…” she whispered. Her voice faded away into the howling wing.

“NO! You won’t die! You are strong, stronger than your predecessors…” Joey glanced at Rosangela. The usual motivation speech was not having any effect on her. Suddenly he felt afraid that he was in fact going to lose Rosangela. Over the past ten years they had formed a close bond, not only as fellow colleagues, but as good friends. He used to laugh at her failures and call her names and degrade her, but deep down, Joey knew that parting with Rosangela would cause him a lot of pain.  Again, he felt useless and defeated. He glanced at Rosangela again.

“Red, you know…even if I uh…live on…centuries, or millenias…I shall NEVER be like Madeline. I shall be good to my hosts and help them save others. I promise you,” he said.

“No…you-you shall not…” was her reply.

Her body ejected a bright spark of lightning, which hit Joey who was in the way.  Joey  was paralysed and then thrown on the floor. He stood up, and picked up his hat. He brushed the snow off his suit when he realised that he could touch objects.  However he still had an element of Rosangela’s power left onto him. He could glow in the dark for the moment, though he believed it would be temporary.

“Red, how did y-…” he began. He looked at the still body of Rosangela.

“Red, NO please, Red, talk to me! RED! Oh God no….please no…”

Joey, feeling the biting cold for the first time in 80 years, knelt beside Rosangela.  Tears crawled down his cheeks as he picked up her limp body and held it in his arms. He caressed her cheeks and felt an unexplainable thrill. He had just touched a girl for the first time in decades.

“Red…Rosa…I-I really don’t know what to say. I never expected to lose you this way… I am alive now…I guess…and –without you- I still feel like…I am better off dead….”

Joey gulped. His throat had tightened. It was not time to cry yet.

“ I wish I had appreciated you…treated you better you know?  Red…you were my only friend in this world…and I was YOUR only friend in return…I shall-miss you, you know?”

Joey put his head closer to Rosangela’s, and succumbed into a long, deep kiss. If two days back someone would have told him that he would someday actually kiss Red, he would have deemed that someone as mad. However he went through a lot of emotional events, and kissing his ex-host gave him comfort. He felt he actually did love Rosangela, without knowing.  Tears dropped onto her face as his kissed her once more, this time with more passion, as if trying to purge out all the sadness which his heart was holding.
Without knowing, the excess “life essence” which Rosangela had passed onto him, had crept into the medium’s body.
Joey was startled.
Rosangela was awake. She rubbed her eyes and stared groggily for a moment.

“Ew Joey, you’re so gross, I never imagined waking up to catch you kissing me,” she muttered.

“Eh, just enjoying the perks of the living darling!”  He grinned cheekily, feeling relieved that Rosangela was saved. “We should get you home though. You look a mess.”
She nodded in agreement but didn’t budge an inch.

“Can you walk?” asked Joey a tad impatient.

“Oh it’s just I’m a bit tired out after all that happened. I need sleep,” she muttered.

“Riiighhht….I’ll carry you.”


March 18th 2014  -   Grace Church

“And now it is time for the marriage vows,” announced Father Ullman.  He looked at the smiling couple in front of him. They had helped to bring peace back in the city, and now it was their chance to enjoy each other and be happy together.

“Joseph Mallone, do you take this woman to be your loyal and loving wife?”
“I do!”
“Rosangela Blackwell, do you take this man to be your loyal and loving husband?”
“I do.”

“I now pronounce you as husband, and wife!”

The small group of guests clapped loudly as Joey and Rosangela shared a kiss in public. Joey grinned cheekily as he and Rosangela held hands while they walked out of the church. Sam Durkin walked up to them.

“So this was the guy behind most of your escapades eh?” he asked.
Rosangela chuckled before replying,“Hmm, maybe, and he will be behind much more!”

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Re: Wrote my own ending for Blackwell Epiphany! Fanfiction
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2014, 04:43:06 AM »
I love it!  It makes me feel happy. :)

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Re: Wrote my own ending for Blackwell Epiphany! Fanfiction
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2016, 06:20:23 PM »
And I didn't like it. (Though fragments like "feeling the biting cold for the first time in 80 years" are touching.) Yes, the original ending is sad and lots of people wish a different fate especially for poor abandoned Joey... but why is marriage perceived as the pinnacle of dreams for a woman? I just don't get it, I feel great without it and I also tend to think that marriage isn't really in a woman's interest.
And there are lots of clues that seem to point at Rosa being asexual. As I have already written in another post, we need more awareness of asexuality - especially for young asexuals who need to know that they aren't "defective". And it includes asexual characters in literature, movies, games etc., so I'm happy to welcome Rosa as an unconfirmed, but strongly possible asexual character.
Just in case I'll add: yes, I'm asexual too, though not really aromantic (as Rosa seems to be), but rather homoromantic and very passionate about many different things. I also tend to believe in embracing non-sexual eroticism and sensuality as a life force (Audre Lorde beautifully described the erotic as "capacity for joy"), even when some non-asexuals tell me that no, I don't have a right to say such things as a person who rejects sex...