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Music Cuts Out During Speech


I notice that whenever people start speaking, the soundtrack cuts out. Is this intended, or am I experiencing a strange bug of some sort?

If it's a bug, is there a way to address it?

If it's intended, is there a way to alter the behavior of the game so that it doesn't do so? It's really jarring for me as I play for the music to keep cutting out.

EDIT: Using the Steam version on Windows 7.

Hi Jachra. Sorry for the delay in responding. We were away last week!

That is definitely not intentional. Is the music cutting out completely, or is it just dipping down in volume?

One suggestion that might work is to change the audio settings. On Steam, you can access the setup options by following these steps:

- right click on the game in your library
- select properties
- press "set launch options"
- type "--setup" and press OK

The next time you run the game, the setup options will pop up on your screen. At the bottom you will see the sound options. Try changing the "digital sound" dropdown menu to something else and see if it works.

That's all right, it took me a while to get back to the game!

Tried a few options. Went and beat the game a couple extra times for more achievements while I was at it.

Default DirectSound Device and DirectSound (Hardware Mixer) both produce the same results. I can hear the music until a spoken dialogue box comes up.

Default WaveOut Device is atrocious and makes the music sound horrific.

No Digital Sound, naturally, kills all music.


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