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Author Topic: Blackwell Legacy bugs [updated]  (Read 2511 times)

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Blackwell Legacy bugs [updated]
« on: June 26, 2014, 07:56:12 PM »

I found three bugs and two visual defects. These are the steps to reproduce the first bug:

1. Go to inventory
2. Open notes
3. Click out of the notes

The outcome of these actions is that the game crashes with this error:

in "GlobalScript.asc", line 548

Error: Error running function 'btn_notes_Click':
Error: Script appears to be hung (a while loop ran 150001 times). The problem may

be in a calling function; check the call stack.


As for the second bug, after you know the kind of relation Alex had with the girl, you can still go back home and ask Joey about your notes. All the conversations will ignore that you know for sure this fact (and if I'm not mistaken, some other pieces of information are also not taken into account).

Finally, the third bug, (get ready for spoilers) when the ghost encounters with the devil, and drops the flask, you can still ask him about the flask and you'll see him drinking from a flask in his hand while the flask has already been dropped to the floor.

As for the visual defects, when the guard at the hospital touches the antenna of the radio, you can see that the background of the antenna (the wall paint) changes. Also, still inside the hospital, when you open the fuse box, (I believe it was here, if I remember correctly) you can also see the background wall paint on top changing.
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