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Hi Dave and everyone. I am the fan of your games since the day i first time played Blackwell Legacy and The Shivah (your strongest and deepest story). I always wanted to play it in russian (as many people probably too). So we (group of enthusiasts) made full russian localization for Kosher edition. I'd like to ask if there is a chance to make a patch or update for the game for your russian speaking fans will be able to play this game in native language .

fromsoultosoul, thanks for the news!
Your localization looks quite nice and accurate.
However I would say that the name should rather be Мойше, not Мойша :)

Eh, Moisha one of the accepted variants in Russian and it allows the name to be declined. (Which is why it exists in the first place.)

Yup. That might help the proof-readers when if they attempt to revise the TBS1 Russian localization. In any case, I cant guess when such a revision would be delivered.


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