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Author Topic: [Teardown] Bought a MyPhone 5S and extracted some data :-)  (Read 3578 times)

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Hello, dear users. Yesterday I bought a MyPhone 5S, and I really got surprised with the new technologies incorporated. It's crazy, if you balance your phone, you can see the icons as 3D. So weird.

Now 4G LTE is working as expected, no more lags while looking for something at Oogle or watching a video in Janus.

There are some useless features, however. I can't understand how a SCS Chip (Spectral Correction Signal) would be useful. As we are expecting a ghost cut our calls, is it? Hahahahahahahahaa

Anyway, doing some rooting I noticed there are some undesirable customization layers imposed by Tomo Wireless. However, the wallpaper looks great, so I've extracted the original MPK file and got it for you. Now you can have the MyPhone 5S wallpaper into your phone, at least until the new model has to be announced soon.

Enjoy. :-)
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