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According to Gamasutra, Wadjet Eye is publishing The Golden Wake, Francisco Gonzalez's first commercial game.
Any details?  :)

If this is true, are we going to get to be Beta testers for it?

It is true, although just to clarify, the game is called "A Golden Wake."  :)

I can't comment on beta testing, but I assume Dave will handle those details.  Really looking forward to being a part of the Wadjet Eye catalog!

Been keeping fairly quiet about this game and Technobabylon, as well as other games we're working on. We're pretty much all Blackwell all the time right now. Once that is done, you'll be hearing LOTS more about Golden Wake!

If I have understood it correctly, the release is now set in the middle of October, not September?
Still no official news about this game on the site...


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