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Steam key for previous owners?

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I own the DRM free version of The Shivah from the Indie Royale All-Charity Pack - will I get a steam key for the remastered version?

I sent an email to admin@wadjeteyegames.com with proof of purchase, because some people reported having done that and received a key, but it might have been lost in the spam folder.

No problem if I'm not entitled to a new key - I'll be happy to buy it again on steam when there's some promotion and support Wadjet eye.

Try sending the email again. We were slammed with requests for awhile! Sorry about that.

OK thanks, just sent another email (actually two, I thought sending a png attachment might incur the wrath of the spam filter so I sent another with a pdf).

Edit: just got my key. you guys rock. now when is emerald city coming out on steam, or anywhere really?

Too bad I pre-ordered the new edition before asking Dave for a key for my Desura version :)

cvladan, The Everald City is on Steam for many years already.

I emailed admin@wadjeteyegames.com twice since 2-3 weeks ago, and I still haven't gotten any kind of response... Am I missing something?


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