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Author Topic: Blackwell Epiphany: Some comments and questions  (Read 3526 times)

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Blackwell Epiphany: Some comments and questions
« on: February 08, 2015, 06:00:56 PM »
I have recently replayed Blackwell Epiphany (with commentary on) and this time I made notes, when something attracted my attention:

1. How did George Ostin know that he would find Rosa at the Karth House? The only explanation I can think of, is that in his paranoia he did not want to talk to her at her apartment and followed her secretly. But why did he then not address her on the way to the Karth House or while she was waiting for Durkin?

2. What did Rosa mean when she says to Joey that Ostin was "one of us"? Certainly she could not have meant that he was a bestower. Did she simply mean that he was one who was aware of the existence of supernatural powers?

3. Joey misidentifying headphones as ear muffs? Come on, he is not that old. Headphones definitely were known and quite common by the early 1930’s.

4. Before listening to the commentary, I was actually assuming that the screen in the Pierro cellar was supposed to be a small window, from which Lia was watching, talking and pointing her gun at Rosa.

5. Why does a ghost emerge when Ostin and Lia die, even though they were aware of their deaths? Can you let your ghost stay on by sheer force of will? The working of their weird scheme of “letting our souls escorted by a bestower” certainly would have relied on something like that.

5.  Joey assures the ghost of Lia that she would be taken to a safe place and Rosa also seems genuinely surprised when the attack happens. But what reason was there for them to assume that the ‘void node space’ would be safe from the soul ripping power? In fact, they knew it had happened already before at this place with Gavin’s ghost. It is quite strange that Rosa never mentions this event - it should actually be the first thing for her to recall after witnessing the destruction of George Ostin’s soul.

6. Was it purely an accident that Madeleine after her release was attached to a host close to a member of the Grace group, or had she at least some control over it?

7. Why was Michael so sure from the beginning that the ripping apart was because of membership in the Grace group? At that point he had only one sample. Hmm. Well, I guess Michael can’t be blamed for not believing that another two members of the six suffering accidental deaths in a short span of time could be a mere coincidence - him not knowing that he was part of a computer game, where such coincidences are quite normal..  ;D

8. After Madeleine reveals that ghosts only can be attacked once they are made aware,  Rosa blames herself and Joey for what had happened to Orstin and Lia. But why? They were already aware, they did not made them aware.

9. So Michael was too scared to leave the protection circle? I wonder what he did do when he was hungry or had to go to the bathroom?  ;D

10. Why did Lia and Orstin so readily believe the - according to all ordinary criteria - extremely fantastic story of Michael instead of declaring him insane? Perhaps Michael, with the help of Madeleine, would be able to come up with some sufficiently impressive parlor tricks to convince them that there was at least some truth in his supernatural claims. There is however no evidence that such convincing was needed.

Even with them believing his story, it still remains difficult to imagine what would drive them to such desperate actions like committing suicide and deliberately letting your child bleed to death, since this doesn’t make sense even when taking the story of Michael at face value. The lesson to draw from the case of the ex stockbroker was to try to not get killed, so don’t run around stupidly unarmed and unprotected in the city; and most emphatically do not kill yourself. In the case of Michael the irrational panic is somewhat understandable, but with the others?

The only explanation I can think of, is that as a secondary effect of being together part of the epiphany project some kind of psychological bond or rapport between the members was established, which causes a sort of absolute implicit trust between them and that lets the hysteria of Michael easily spread to the others.

11. Tanya/Heather:

- Considering the determination of Tanya to block out her past as Heather, it is rather curious that she had no qualms about continuing to associate with Peter Fielding and George Ostin (Of course, the theory of a “special relationship” between the members of the Epiphany group would help to explain this).

- Why doesn’t Rosa recognize Tanya when she first meets her ghost? While Rosa says that she has never seen Tanya’s TV show, she also mentions that her picture was once “plastered all over the city”.

- Why has Tanya dark hair in ghost form but blonde hair in the picture in the gym? I suppose the ‘blonde anchorwoman’ that Durkins mentioned also refers to Tanya.

-Why does Peter Fielding not seem to be aware that Heather and Tanya are the same person? Does he lie to Joey because Tanya instructed him to do so when they both were still alive?

12. Escaping from padded cells via ventilation shafts is always fun, even though here no tempomorphing was involved. :)

13. A sad ending, but the necessity to bring the series to a definite closure made this - at least to some degree - inevitable. Essentially, only three basic endings were possible: Either Joey moves on or Rosa dies and moves on or Rosa dies and both she and Joey move on. So once the moving on of Joey (under the circumstances the least-worst ending) failed, it was clear that it would be Rosas turn.

However, the way Rosa comes to death is quite implausible and feels forced. There is no hint of a logical explanation why the ‘soul sending’ by Rosa makes the universe flow again into her head and, more importantly, why this now all of a sudden leads to death instead of madness (and this only after a dramaturgical convenient interval during which she seems to be perfectly normal again).

Sorry, if I sound a bit grumpy, but if poor Rosa had to die, it should have at least not felt so arbitrary. Well, I guess it is the right of the author to twist the rules of the universe as he damn pleases to reach a desired plot point. :)