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Great Game, missing one thing.
« on: June 01, 2013, 04:03:59 AM »
This game was great, some of the best voice acting I ever heard.  The storytelling and lines I loved, especially the lines about her hat, it was fun how defensive she was of her hat. 

Has anyone considered future proofing the game a bit with controller support?  Seems it would be easy, on an xbox controller for example the left thumbstick moves the character while the right thumbstick moves the cursor.  On PC getting the game on "Steam Big Picture", opens up the game to be sold to a whole new market hungry for big screen games.  I played this game big screen it really felt like a movie I was playing since the story was so good and well paced with no slow downs, sort of like a book I couldnt put down.

If there is a sequel someday Id definitely purchase it as a satisfied customer of the first game. 
(Just read about Playfirst owning the IP itself, sounds similar to what Tim Shaeffer over at DoubleFine went through with Psychonauts, fear not about finding out a price that is what a kickstarter is for to cover, its alot easier than it sounds, the hard part is getting the ball rolling to open up talks with Playfirst about acquiring the license.  In any event Good Luck!!!)
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Re: Great Game, missing one thing.
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2013, 12:26:47 PM »
I've spoken to them about it, and despite not wanting to do anything WITH the ip, they show no interest in selling it either! It's sad, but it's not like it would prevent me from making another noir game set in Oz, if I really wanted to. Oz is public domain, so as long as I avoided using Petra and any of the specific ECC characters, it would be fine. Albeit, not terribly nice!