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Only sound that is working is music


I just started playing this game, but I'm not getting any voices during the conversations, or any other sounds except for the music. If I turn the music volume slider all the way down, I get no sound at all. I'm running the steam version on Windows 7. Anybody have any ideas on what I might be able to do or check?

I have a second audio device attached to my machine (Wireless headset I use for MMO gaming), and with that as the audio device I get all of the sounds instead of just the music. So, I have to switch over to my headphones to play the game, but at least I have a workaround.

Hm! Sadly I wasn't the programmer on this game so I don't know much about the technical details. Even more sadly is that PlayFirst has dropped all support for it, so I can't even forward you to them. At least you found a workaround - so sorry about this.

I want to remember some dialogs have audio recordings. Are you saying nothing but music (absolutely) isn't working?


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