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Hello everyone!
« on: December 28, 2012, 08:56:57 AM »
I've started this topic to try to express my feelings towards Wadjeteye Games' games (no pun intended :) ). I'm slowly progressing through the Blackwell series (mainly because I don't want to finish them too quickly) and I gotta say that the idea of doing episodic games where you solve cases detective style is just BRILLIANT. What's more, I think that such games were just what the industry needed. There are too few adventure games nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I love playing AAA games like Call of Duty etc. but I've always wanted to play a game that is heavy on storytelling (when I'm tired of COD for example). The Blackwell series of games is like a trip down memory lane straight to my childhood (I'm a fairly old gamer :) ). Reminds me of good ol' classics like Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion etc. The thing that makes Blackwell so appealing for me is VOICE ACTING! I absolutely ADORE Joey! (kudos to Mr. Goldfarb for creating such a memorable role).

Sorry for the long rant :). In closing I'd like to say that I hope Wadjeteye makes many more games like the Blackwell series. Thank you Dave and the crew for such an amazing experience :)))