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My feedback
« on: December 25, 2012, 02:55:13 AM »
I just finished Primordia on this very Christmas Eve. I feel the need to write a proper feedback here rather than posting a review later on somewhere else, because this game really meant something to me right now.
I am aware of the fact that it's the holiday season and there are small chances that the developers would read this right now. I also know that this post might seem too long for many users. Actually, if I think about it, you fellows around here must have some patience skills if you play adventure games, right? ;) Anyway, I hope the designers of the game will read my post. Also, I apologize to everyone for my possible English grammar&vocabulary mistakes. I'm still working to improve myself on this language.

I simply love SF as a whole, either it's literature, film or video games. But I seem to never experience something that completely satisfies me. Maybe it's because don't actually know what I want to feel or see. But Primordia somehow achieves my delight and I can't find something to really criticize about it. A strong reason could be my lack of experience. I am still young :p, I'm not too experienced in anything. As for adventure games, the following titles are all the adventures I played through : the Monkey Island series (excepting 4), Beneath a Steep Sky, Resonance. I tried Syberia II and Escape from MI but for some reason they couldn't captivate me enough in order to continue them, even on the second or third attempt. I am also not a patient person, so I always had to peek a little bit on walkthroughs. This means that I'm interested on the story so much that I can't wait any longer to see what happens next. :) So I can consider Primordia a good game in this way. I had to look for where should I look rather for the direct solution. For Primordia it didn't happen more than 5 times.
To get everything straight, I liked everything in this game: story, puzzles, graphics, music, voice acting etc. I'll get to a conclusion later.
For myself, experiencing Primordia at this time felt a little special because it's about an year since I lost my faith in God. It happens that I get to enjoy science+religion combination in stories. It happens that on the same day I also finished reading "The last good man" by A.J. Kazinski (quite an interesting book), which might have affected my general experience. Those stories helped me into knowing myself and  how should I be. From a grumpy atheist, then agnostic atheist, I am now slowly turning full agnostic. I believe religion is an important part of human's mind. This combination of religion psychology and scientific facts must be brought in other titles too, it's a topic that deserves to be discussed.
I hope that no one who haven't completed the game yet is reading my post, because I'm about to mention things that are essential for it :( I already revealed the religious aspect.
I fell in love with the game while trying out the demo when I discovered the Gospel of Man. I thought this is so cool as a SF idea, robots who believes in humans as their creators while others don't. They really are like us, huh?
The game felt kind of short, I'm not sure why is that. I reached to try 5/7 possible endings on the third day of playing. When I heard about the game I hoped it will last me a while. But now I think that being too long might have ruined it. Maybe it was awesome if it was just a little longer?
The universe of Primordia is very interesting, dark but humorous in a post-apocalyptic setting. In a way, I don't want any sequel, because I don't want this lore ruined it, it feels like a game that should stay alone, no numbers after it. But on the other hand, I wish for a Primordia 2. Or maybe an other game set in the same universe, but with other characters and story? This dilemma happens to me every time I like very much a game.

I read people comparing this game with Beneath a Steel Sky, and I can see why: the protagonist coming from the wasteland in the big city which he knows only a little bit, with his little sidekick robot with funny lines, uncovering the secret of this city. Not only the plot, but even the color palette seems alike. But that's OK, it still doesn't feel like a copy/clone, it's just great  ;D

I appreciate a lot the multiple endings. I didn't expect more than 2 or 3 variations. They are pretty different and it's important that some are only possible if you do the right things on the way in the story, not just last-minute decisions.

I find it difficult to give a score to adventure games. Maybe because I played too few? Imagining it like a school system, I would give Primordia a 10/10 because it's made by-the-book. But as a real game review, I'll say a 8.5 or 9 because I there was space for better, and because it's just a well-made game without bringing something really new though. Also I met a few glitches/bugs ::)
You probably think now "well, what I nice chappie, offering such a consistent feedback, liking our game and all that". I want to confess - played the pirated version. Think what you want about me, but I only download games this way if I can't afford them for the moment and I can't wait to play them any longer. Primordia was my most anticipated game this year, since my PC can't run any new games, and it didn't disappointed me. I promise that, once possible, I'll buy the game. I'll have a different playthrough choosing the other endings and hunt for achievements. This is what I like about Wadjeteye's games, you can play them your way and be different.

This fall I attempted contact with wadjeteye in order to ask for a review code for Primordia. But I can understand, why would someone throw out a game key for a blog that doesn't have more than 10-20 readers? In june I won a copy of Resonance from a blog and this way I got interested in new titles from you.

Happy Holidays for Wadjeteye Games and Wormwood Studios! Keep up the good work!

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Re: My feedback
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2012, 04:25:07 PM »
D.G.: Merry Christmas!  I'm glad you enjoyed the game so much!  In the spirit of gentle agnosticism, let's pretend that Santa Clause dropped it onto your hard drive because you otherwise were such a good person this year.

In terms of other games, you may want to try Loom, Grim Fandango, or Full Throttle.  Only the last one is science fiction -- the first is fantasy, the second is . . . fantastical, but not fantasy.  It's more like a fable or a fairy tale.  None is too difficult, and all of them have very strong settings that, I think, may capture you as the other ones did.

In any event, thank you for the Christmas present of your kind words, which are certainly more articulate in English than I can be in any second language.

Wormwood Studios
Writer / Designer on Primordia