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Criticisms and Congrajulations
« on: December 08, 2012, 10:26:37 AM »
Great job Wormwood Studios on making a beautiful work of art!

You got an 8 on Gamespot, at least for my review.


Primordia is a charming game with a group of memorable characters and personalities. Set in the world of Primordia, Horatio and his companion Crispin traverse the landscape in search of a stolen power-source. They must complete numerous, small challenges while visiting multiple exotic locations to reach the final end. Yet, the game veers in a completely different direction with deeper and slightly controversial themes appearing when Horatio must venture into the city. This game makes you think.

For graphics, the game is a great piece of artwork, the style works so you may clearly tell what you are looking at. In addition, from the massive humanoid robot skull you enter, to a scarred landscape of wars past fought, the game is beautiful. Its great exploring the locations you enter yet you wish you could continue to explore more. Its a relatively small world, but at least its packed with tons of content.

The characters are fascinating to listen to and are all interesting figures. By far my favorite is Ever Faithful. Essentially, an armored priest, Faithful preaches Humanism across the desolate landscape and helps push one of the biggest themes of the game, religion.

Humanism is the robots worship of man and his teachings, including a direct comparison with a 'Robot Gospel'. Humanism though is shunned in the city and it's repressed. The themes in the game soon extend into politics and the long asked question "Is is the means to an end?". Several other themes and ideas make this an adult game that makes you think. That appears to be the main point of the game.


Well, as great as it is, I found one character to be rather weak. I did enjoy Crispin's company but he was too much of a slap-stick side-kick. He even call himself was a sidekick. Sometimes he added too much humor to a situation. This took me out of the immersion sometimes.

Also, there were too many references that were too in-your face. Instead of being hidden or in the background, Crispin gives away multiple references that again took me out of immersion.

"Looks like you got 99 problems, and faulty wiring ain't one of them". Something like that.

Still, I think Primordia deserves better scores than what Metracritic is pumping out. 75 is just a little too low.