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Author Topic: zOMG don't forget to right-click / secondary-click ALL the things!  (Read 3897 times)


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Alright don't kill me everyone, this is the first Wadget Eye title I've played and only the second point-and-click adventure, so:

IT TOTALLY DID NOT SINK IN THAT RIGHT-CLICKING ON OBJECTS WOULD PRODUCE DIFFERENT DIALOGUE & RESULTS.  I'm quite sure I tried the right-click / secondary-click once or twice, but maybe on something that didn't offer a noticeably different response than the action/primary click?  Then I just didn't do it anymore for a large portion of the demo.

I would encourage the devs to make a menu/screen where the controls are listed explicitly (even if they're bloody simple...  because -- see, n00b idiots like me exist).  For example:

  - I had no idea you could read the Gospel of Man!
  - I had no idea you could get extra lines of witty
     repartee on various objects and scenery!

Anyway, wow, thanks to the game writer's commentary on the Gospel of Man, I figured out that right-clicking actually DOES something, and:   a completely different game opened up now!  Thanks, Mark.

The More You Know!(tm)

P.S.  In other news, it also took me way too long to figure out that you could hit 'Esc' to get out of commentary tracks (some of them are duplicates/repeats -- no biggie).  Anyway.  The takeaway is:  menu screen people, list the controls, please.  Indulge us unwashed masses living here in the slums of slightly-below-average-IQ-ville...

P.P.S.  "B'sod" -- great curse word etymology OR BEST CURSE WORD ETYMOLOGY?!!   :^D
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