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Start a Petition to PlayFirst to give back ECC to WadjetEye

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I think the idea of PlayFirst to focus only in the development of Mobile Platforms is so bad: They're leaving too much PC/Mac users without support. Also, they're bringing some PC/Mac-only titles to their extinction, and I think ECC could be one of them.

Dave deserves the rights to keep the sources of ECC, if PF doesn't need it anymore. My idea is to start a petition (Using Avaaz-like online tools) directed to PF, asking for the rights of the game be returned to Dave Gilbert. No more. No less.

Do so then! I'd certainly sign it, although I'm not convinced it'd have any effect.

OK. The petition is located here:


Hope everybody can sign it.

Um... I'm pretty sure Dave has the source code. It's the rights to sell the game that he doesn't have. He doesn't own the IP.
I would imagine he still has the source code.

Hi. Wow. This is awesome. :)

Since we wrote the game, we definitely have the source code! But yeah, it's the IP that we don't have, so we can't make sequels or sell it on GoG or whatever. PlayFirst has pretty much given up on the PC market, but they want to hold onto their IPs in case the option comes up to port them to mobile or other platforms. I imagine if they offered to sell the rights to me, the price would be much higher than I would be able to pay.

In any case, thanks for this. It's very flattering. :)


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