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Author Topic: A favor and A Praise And I hope I can do this  (Read 2785 times)


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A favor and A Praise And I hope I can do this
« on: August 15, 2012, 03:58:15 AM »
please don't ban me for this I review your games on my website.  I review tons of different things one of then which is going to have a new page review for retro-Current a special format for me to write about.  Games that are just so retro but at the time using modern equipment,  Fresh Ideas.  I think you man by far are holding up this adventure gaming boat.  I've played so so many games of my time.  Adventure being my favorite type.  There is no sinking of adventure games as long as your here to put them out there.  I think these Little games are going to find a huge market and revive. what adventure was.  My review I'm going to do tomorrow features your Blackwell series.  Your going to do so well in my review.  I was hoping I might get a reply by the man him self so i can post it several areas in my website.  Anything you say will be like gold to me and my website.  So yeah you game hit me hard and all in a good way.  Super good review coming so if you want to seen a message through this forum I'll get it over there.  And for me and my websites dream a 5 min text or instant message me here. interview would mean the world.  This is my site http://theretrogamerishere.weebly.com/, I'm not selling anything on it, come check out my reviews please.  Learn a little about me.  Thanks