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Author Topic: [SPOILERS] Finished Gemini Rue; my opinion and a question about Steam keys  (Read 4917 times)


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so I finished Gemini Rue a few days ago, and I would like to give you some feedback.

First of all: thanks. I really enjoyed this game as I hadn't done so for months. I found the scenario really compelling, and got completely caught in the atmosphere.

I just found too bad that we didn't get to visit more different places, as the atmosphere was really great. I also got stuck sometimes because I didn't see the 3-pixel-large item I needed to solve the problem (I'm exaggerating a bit, but this pixel hunt was sometimes tiresome), as when I needed to use the tile shard to escape Balder's revenge. I guess it's a risk when you play retro-looking games, but sometimes it was very difficult to distinguish usable items from the background.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the game, and liked the idea of mixing two stories; it was a great way to lead the player to think in a very specific way, until the time you tell the player who Delta-Six really is. Being able to participate in gunfights was also great.

Of course, some questions remains on some aspects of the scenario (I really would like to know what happened in Center 7 between Sayyuri's escape and Azriel's arrival, for instance), but I guess it's part of the game, or it's clearing the way for a potential sequel... I don't know.

Also, I have a more "practical" question about the game, and more precisely about Steam keys. In fact, I purchased Gemini Rue from Good Old Games, where I first learned about the game, and I didn't know at the time that it was also available on Steam. I must admit I appreciate the achievements' system on Steam, and the possibility to have all games linked to an account, although I'm somehow happy to have got a DRM-free version via GOG. My question is: would it be possible for me to get a Steam key for the game, or have I no choice but to buy it again if I want to benefit from the Steam achievement system?

This question may be stupid, but I wanted to ask it, and I hope I will get an answer, because it may affect the platform I will purchase your other games (I am planning to purchase at least the Blackwell Bundle and Resonance in a not-so distant future ^^)!