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Author Topic: Get savegames from a previous install on Windows 7 to play on Linux using Wine  (Read 6235 times)


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I'm really enjoying the game, and I thought it'd be great to play it on my netbook, running LUbuntu 12.04 and Linux Mint 13 (mate, 64 bits), instead of my desktop computer running Windows 7 (32 bits). So, I've installed Wine on my netbook, installed the game, ran it, and copied all the files from the directory "My saved games/Resonance" under Windows, to the created directory "~/My saved games/Resonance" created by the game on the first launch.

But when I want to load one of the savegames, I get a RunAGSGame error: "unable to load new game file 'RESONA~1.exe'"
(ACI Version 3.21.1115)

I've used exactly the same setup file to install Resonance (from GOG.com), and tried on both LUbuntu and Mint distros.
I've read from other slightly related savegames issues that it might be a compatibility problem, but since I've installed the same version of the game, well...
I've also tried to start a new game, save it, load it, no problem.

Any suggestions?

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You have to symlink Resonance.exe to RESONA~1.exe, to do so, use the command ln -s "Resonance.exe" RESONA~1.exe and try again ;-)


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i have the exact same error message, when i try to load a cloud savegame via steam, from my laptop in my PC (both Win7).

Since i canīt symlink them (get an access denied, if i try to simlink the actual PC steam directory with the one from the laptop (programs(x86)), i would appreciate another solution for this :)
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I should have kept checking for replies for more than a few days!
Creating a symlink works like a charm! Many thanks!