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Author Topic: Would porting the Blackwell series as an iPhone/iPad app be worth it?  (Read 4098 times)


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or Gemini Rue.  Is a much broader audience worth the drop in price or do too many of them opt for pure action games?

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I can't imagine Gemini Rue working that well on an iPad. The combat, where you could look out from different sides of cover before shooting would be hard to control with just a touch screen and maybe the accelerometer. Then there's also switching targets and firing... unless you have a bunch of on-screen buttons, I don't see it working well.

The Blackwell series would probably be suited to a touch screen medium, since it's not all that different from a mouse, but a drop in price is not the only concern. Would AGS be compatible with iPad's OS? Would it need to be transferred over to Mac-compatible software? Assuming that's not a problem, how much time and debugging would it take to ensure it works properly? A virtual keyboard would need to be incorporated in, for the Oogle searches or Lauren's phonebook. (That's one thing the first game didn't have to worry about.) I'd be surprised if this would be practical, but it's a pleasant thought.

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As a heads up, we're working on doing this very thing right now! We've got Gemini Rue running on an iPad, but rejiggering the interface to be touch-screen friendly is what will take awhile. We'll certainly be sending out an announcement when we know more!
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Oh yeah, never thought about the user interface issues.

And I don't know if the general public is able to solve adventure-type puzzles without having to resort to a walkthrough every time.  Maybe you could charge an extra 25-50 cents for a split-screen walkthrough or something.  :P