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Not In Steam Sale?


Emerald City Confidential isn't part of the Steam sale? I'm shocked. I've been waiting until the Steam Summer Sale to buy it.  :'(

ECC isn't mine to sell, unfortunately. It's owned by PlayFirst. So if they want it as part of a Steam sale, they have to push for it. It looks like they haven't. :(

Aww, PlayFirst isn't showing any love in Steam then, darnnit. Thanks for the response, Dave.  ;D

I have to same here I want this game and was really looking forward to grabbing it on the Steam Summer Sale. I waited and waited and even to the last day hoped it might make it in but nothing.

I guess I will just keep waiting and hope eventually it goes on sale there someday.

Unfortunately, the good old PlayFirst is no more.
After re-organization, they are now engaged in iOS/Android games only and don't even support PC games.


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