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Author Topic: Blackwell Deception, awesome game! ... found a bug or two.. (Spoliers)  (Read 2456 times)

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Just finished playing Blackwell Deception and it's probably the best in the series yet! I'm glad i watched the credits until the end, i like the twist a lot! When is the next episode planned?

I did find a few minor bugs though:

Firstly, in the nightclub I was combining notes and the game crashed. Seems to be because Joey was upstairs in the VIP area when I tried to combine the notes and joey had to be in the same room to speak. The error had something to do with a character in another room. I think it was when I combined STP with Temp Agency if that helps!

Secondly, this may not be a bug but when you speak to Tiffany about Ken and she says 'I love him!' there was no actual speech. This may be intentional but it didn't seem like it at the time.

Hope this is useful!
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