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Author Topic: Finished the game, my feedback and some questions [SPOILERS]  (Read 3625 times)


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Finished the game, my feedback and some questions [SPOILERS]
« on: January 09, 2012, 06:35:42 PM »
Spent 15 hours on my first play-through. I am one of those players have to do everything and who don't actually pick up an ID card before they hear the dialog about an ID card needed someplace ;-)

Honestly, I haven't had so much fun since Beneath a steel sky and space quest 5. I think these are the closest titles in terms of ambience (never played blade runner) which come to mind. I think the game really gets the feeling right and the story is engaging so I really had fun playing it. What I didn't like - no hotspots highlighting (it's one thing being retro another forcing people to pixel hunt in 2011) limited animations, same locations, lots of back and forth, a bit of copy/paste of artwork, quite a few bugs (typos, kicking doors which ain't there, locked myself from the tool shed as I kicked the door before picking the screwdriver, Kane disappeared at the end as I didn't use the keycard at the hangar door but clicked right on it, etc - say do you still want bug reports, or are you done with this game for good in terms of patches?). Anyway, this is an indie title so there are small gripes.

I also have three questions:

1. What really happened at Center 7 in the meantime? I heard the audio logs so apparently the staff found out the patients weren't criminals and the director killed them, but why the blood and the gas masks...?

2. In the memory erasure room there's a door to the left on the lower level which opens at the end (after the reactor goes critical), but I couldn't find a way to get in - I suppose that's by design though.

3. I couldn't find all the database entries - the database tab on all terminals I found was ALWAYS empty, but I assume this achievement is about doing all the possible searches that result in a match. I tried searching for all planets, taurus, people, locations, but I'm apparently missing something - are there any easter egg entries - do I have to search the names of all the people who appear in the credits for example? ;-)

And finally I hope you're working on a sequel - it WILL sell, I can tell you that. ;-)

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