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Author Topic: Blackwell Deception: Game crashes on yacht  (Read 3125 times)

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Blackwell Deception: Game crashes on yacht
« on: December 26, 2011, 07:07:18 PM »
[Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!]

Hello all,

I'm not sure whether this problem has been mentioned or maybe even fixed already, but a quick search turned up empty: There is a reproducible crash occuring in Blackwell Deception relatively early in the game while the yacht is driving, probably caused by the possibility to switch to Joey while Rosa looks through the vent:

Go into the cabin and have Rosa open the vent with the dime. Joey is there with you.
Have Rosa look through the vent. The focus changes to the control room and you are not able to switch to Joey now, which I assume is the way it is intended to be in this scene.
Take a look at the business card in Rosa's inventory. Exit the closeup of the business card.
Press the Tab key. The focus will now change to Joey in the cabin, while Rosa is nowhere to be seen.
Have Joey exit the room. The game engine quits with the following message:

Adventure Game Studio
An error has occurred. Please contact the game author for support, as this is likely to be a scripting error and not a bug in AGS.
(ACI version 3.21.1115)

in "room3.asc", line 135

Error: MoveCharacter: character not in current room


Of course this is not a serious problem as it can be easily avoided. I just wanted to let you know and take the opportunity to thank everybody involved for making this captivating series of games!

Best wishes,