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Resonance / Re: (spoilers) Complete list of foreshadowing:
« on: July 15, 2012, 06:13:03 AM »
To add something, if you check the address book of Ed's phone at the start of the game, you'll find that the only number listed there is 14A, which is the number of the first resonance device.
Technically that may not foreshadowing, hmm unless I'm using the wrong word here, what I mean are clues that the player can use to figure out the twist before it has been presented, and since you only get the resonance device AFTER Ed came out of the closet I'm afraid that wouldn't count.

Resonance / (spoilers) Complete list of foreshadowing:
« on: July 14, 2012, 06:44:33 PM »
This story has some of the best foreshadowing I've ever encountered, I'm talking better than 6th sense or Fight Club!
For example the developer could have gone the easy route and completely hidden Ed's goal to get close with Anna at the subway, but instead they put it BLATANTLY in full sight having him say "it's now or never, come on.. talk to her" but it was so brilliantly executed that we were lead to believe that he was just trying to gather up the courage to talk to a hot girl, so when his true intentions were revealed I was just in shock at how I could have missed all the signs that were thrown right in my face!

I would be curious to see if we could compile a full list of all the foreshadowing, I'll start:
*(as I said) Ed's thoughts reveals his plan to talk to Anna on the subway.
  *And he even had knowledge that it was her stop. (I assumed he was just a bit creepy akward).
*The subway map clearly shows that Ed and Anna would not be on the same subway track on their way to work.
*Ed's apartment doesn't look like someone who's trying to meet girls, it looks like a hide-out for a evil mastermind.
*Ed leaning his head down in shame after some conversations (I forget which).
*The entire story starts out with Ed learning about the Uncles plans to ruin the research, that's a motive right there thrown in your face within the first couple of seconds.
*When you pick up the notepad in the vault I specifically saw with my own eyes that the extra "blame the cop"-note was NOT there when Ed had it, only when Anna received it, yet I STILL assumed that ray (who went in first) had put it there.
*Ed is blonde, blonde males are always evil in a cowardly fashion (or so Hollywood has taught me).

Can you think of any more?

(Btw also I REALLY apprieciate how rather than just revealing the twist in a cutscene he forced us to figure it out ourselves, it took me a while but it was worth it!)

Chit Chat! / Re: From Twitter...Dave's an uncle!
« on: November 17, 2011, 01:42:47 AM »
You should totally start calling yourself "Uncle Dave" online, so catchy! :D

*Native 64-bit- and SLI- support.
*Destructible environments.
*Procedurally generated stories so you can replay the game hundreds of times without ever getting the same story-line!
*Integrate puzzles into your smartphone so if you believe there to be a ghost in the park you actually have to travel to that NYC park IRL and take a picture with your GPS-enabled smartphone which would then composite that ghost-sprite into the picture.
*Rosa shower-scene! (what, Joey just looks away every time?!?)

The Blackwell series / Re: Deception Design Diary #1
« on: October 30, 2011, 12:44:08 PM »
Not sure I understand the point you're making, Lily, are you saying that if more people played Deception then they wouldn't fall for these scams because they would realize that -(DECEPTION SPOILER!)- it's all one big conspiracy run by 200 year old league of vampires? :P

Altho I must admit my jealousy that the day Dave gets really famous you can say "Hey I bumped up a one and a half year old thread of his once". ;)

edit by Dave: added spoiler tags.
edit by MM: Ah sorry, I was looking for the spoiler tags actually but couldn't find any, now I see you went all ghetto on it by just changing colors, I suppose that works too. :)

The Blackwell series / Re: Thoughts on "Danny Boy"
« on: October 24, 2011, 02:51:24 AM »
A very nice side-plot indeed, as in Convergence (SPOILERS) the John Gould side-plot seemed somewhat irrelevant (or did I miss the connection?) so it was a nice moment in Deception when the Danny Boy story-line fell so neatly into place. :)

The Blackwell series / Curious about aspect-ratio decision.
« on: October 24, 2011, 02:46:36 AM »
Ever since your first Shivah game I've thought to myself "this 4:3 ratio is pretty annoying but I'm sure he'll move into widescreen for his next game" yet now many years later you've created an entire well-established company using only this aspect-ratio from the 1950'ies :P

So at this point I'm really curious if this is perhaps a conscious business decision? That video-podcast where you told about your "stales statistics" was really interesting so I thought perhaps the aspect-ratio is part of that finding as well?
Like for example maybe there's a "occupation"-textfield in the order-form where 65% of your customers have written "antique dealer". ;)

Btw. they must look at you funny in the cafe-shops when you take out your 10 year old 7kg 4:3 laptop on the table. :P

The Blackwell series / Deception's conspiracy theme.
« on: October 23, 2011, 09:56:30 AM »
I realized instantly that Deception would be a big hit from the moment I read Dave's blog-post about the story being inspired by his real-life attempt to infiltrate NY's psychic-conspiracy with hidden secret-agent cameras, not a lot of developers can pull up life-stories like THAT for inspiration :D
Most devs would only say "Uhh I was watching TV one day in my underwear and decided to steal the plot from the show I was watching". :P

Although personally I would have liked it even more if the main villain was just another greedy selfish bastard rather than some 200 year old magical vampire, but that's just my own personal style that I prefer to deal with real-life problems.

I've always suspected that psychics do a lot of 200$ scams here and there it wasn't until this game when I opened my eyes and realized there probably is a lot of cases in real-life where those scam-artists gets their hooks into some wealthy old lady's will and bring in HUGE sums, now THAT's the kind of conspiracy I want to crack wide open. :D

Now let's all put on our tinfoil-hats and be developers at day and conspiracy-busters at night, just like Dave! :D

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