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Primordia / Re: Sequel?
« on: July 10, 2019, 06:25:21 AM »
I suggest the game's theme be all about rebuilding, creating new gen bots, rediscovering the past, it could literally be merged with FALLENand become a unique project with past and future being connected. There could be some time travel involved, and direct impact from a world to another.
I looked real quick about the plot of Fallen, i understand that it is the past that took place before Primordia. That's where it becomes really interesting. At a point, the story can take place a few generation after Horatio and his friends, and the story could be one about a certain Crispinbuilt why-not. It could take place on multiple time periods, nevertheless, for example, if time travel is involved, then crispinbuilt could talk to Horatio and tip him about the future and how they should "keep doing the things like they do because it worked really well later on and gave a really neat future"... Then the Fallen storyboard episodically takes place.  9apps

There's that game, based on the "Monkey king" myth, called "Enslaved Odyssey" where there's a whole sidegame when you look in the sub menus. The story of the pig guy. If the game-play of both games  doesn't entirely fit too well, it can be adapted that way. But in any way, whatever Fallen is mixed or not isn't important. It can be a whole game, just sayin'.

So, there's Urbani, Municipa, Civitas and Metropol. All other 3 are like Atlantis in a sense for nobody even really knows.

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