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Unavowed / Stuck in Vicki's Locker (Spoilers)
« on: April 03, 2019, 01:23:59 AM »
So I took Mandana & Logan on Vicki's mission.

Firstly; I know that you are supposed to have Mandana pry the vent, and then have Logan help her pry it off. Please don't suggest this. I am aware that's the solution.

The problem is, Logan won't help with the vent. He just says he doesn't think he can get his fingers under it, and walks away. I've clicked every dang pixel thinking maybe I needed to target the specific crack in the vent or something, and no luck.

I found a thread from August of last year describing this bug, and people saying they had to load a save and do that part without removing the panel from the wall in order to get this to work. The problem is, I have no such save. I spent all afternoon/evening playing and never saved. So all I have is a single autosave where the bug is already in effect. So I would have to completely start over the entire game.

I've seen other people say that they were able to move Mandala away from the vent and send her back to it to 'reset' the puzzle, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how they managed to do that. Nothing I click with her or objects in my inventory will get her away from that vent.

Is there ANYTHING I can do? I would be okay with resetting the mission at this point, but I can't find any information on debug tools or anything of that nature. If someone knows how to get Mandala to move off the vent that would be great.

I'm so frustrated that I have this game-breaking bug that was reported last August, and was acknowledged by the devs in the steam forums. I love you Wadjet but this is ridiculous. =/

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