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Okay!  I have something to blame beside gremlins, and that's Steam!

The upshot seems to be this:  When I launch the game from Steam, I can't control the mouse cursor; when I launch it by opening the executable file ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Blackwell Unbound\Unbound.exe ), it works fine -- but, annoyingly, it seems that I can't get any achievements.

Anyway, hope this helps anyone who is trying to track down this problem.

I felt like I had tried everything, including copying the "acsetup.cfg" file from one to the other, to no avail.

Strangely, I just went back to start it again to try to diagnose and reproduce the issue --- and all three games worked!  Hopefully they'll stay working.

I blame gremlins.  Thanks, Dave!

Hi.  I'm playing the games on Steam, Windows 8.  Or rather trying to play them.

I played Legacy and the game plays fine.  Finished it.  Trying to play Unbound, but I can't control the mouse cursor.  It just stays in the middle of the screen.  I tried running winsetup.exe in the original directory and tried lots of different setting changes, but no go.  I also tried running Convergence and got the same problem.

I searched online and found a few posts from people with the same issue but no one seems to have a clear solution.  Any help?

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