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Hi! I'm stuck with this horrible issue as well! I'm playing convergence now and need to enter an emailadress and password. I can fix entering the numbers by changing my keyboard to qwerty. However, for the life of me I can't find out to produce an @ symbol for the e-mail. Please help?

Change your keyboard layout to "English" then launch the game.

Gemini Rue / Re: [Ubuntu x64 + Steam] Crash while loading last save
« on: January 17, 2015, 06:09:59 AM »
It just quits the game and returns to Ubuntu desktop.

Gemini Rue / [Ubuntu x64 + Steam] Crash while loading last save
« on: January 06, 2015, 02:30:47 AM »

I'm playing Gemini Rue on Ubuntu x64 + Steam.

And it is the second time that game crash (quit and return to Steam) while loading a save :(
The only thing I can do is to relad the last "Autosave" and replay the small part from it but it is a little bit annoying...

The last time it occurs, I saved near the appartment in Hibiscus, near the dealer door with 3 people in front of it, while on mission to retrieve the juice stealed from mafia (Bor...).

I can provide my saves if wanted but... don't know why it crashes :/

Thanks for help/advice...

No problem :)

Also, it occurs in the following episode, when you need to enter an e-mail password with numbers : need to change layout to english, then launch the game and enter password...

Yes, the icons I described was for Unity ;)

It does not work for me, on Linux with French system, even if I put a QWERTY layout. I tried to restart a new game, but I'm stucked on azerty, I've tested it on the phone book right at the beginning of the game.

Does it mean I need to reinstall the game with qwerty activated ? It does not make any sense to me...

Note : I'm playing with a real keyboard connected to my laptop, and none of the nums are working (neither the numpad and the numline in the main keyboards)

Above screen, near the clock, you have a clock a little "white square" with "Fr" or "En" to change keyboard language.
Just choose the "En (Anglais US)", then launch the game : it will be with QWERTY keyboard :)
It worked for me like this.


Worked if english is selected BEFORE playing, not DURNG the game.

Thanks :)

Hello !

Found an annoying bug.

I'm using a French AZERTY keyboard on my French laptop.
No keypad, so numbers are only available above letters.

On French keyboards, they can only be entered by pressing "Shift" Key.

In fact :
- without shift key : &"'(-_
- with shift key : 1234567890

Understanding ?

Ok, now in "Unbound", you need to enter a code with a number (will not spoil but linked to a phone call to a boy).
And guess what : I can never enter the number needed !
So I'm stuck :( and can't continue.

I'm using Steam so... maybe one day will be able to try with a normal keyboard on another computer through cloud saves but... that's annoying :(

Any idea to bypass this bad trick ?

Thanks a lot :)
Merci beaucoup ;)

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