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Greetings ,
 ... I have bought the Primordia game , paid right away .... tried to download more then 50x the PrimordiaSetupV12 file through Humble Bundle , and never once I could install it because it gave errors of corrupt files in different parts of the installation ... I downloaded like 50 times... some installed until 25% , some installed to 75 % .. some did not even start to install ...
some in the main executable file.... other times the exe goes fine and says the vox audio file is corrupt... and I had to give up as I cannot install the game in any way ...

I paid by PayPal right away and was not able enjoy my purchase ... tried to reach Humble Bundle support wich took more then a month , and only now they have reached me (and gave me this link so I can contact you the developers)

This is kinda wrong but I got upset and really wanted to play the game .. ended up going to pirate torrent and installed and played like a charm .. loved it ... felt like .. well at least I have paid for it ... but this is not true .. because I have installed the illegal one... 

Now more than ever I want to support the developers on this game , and on other games that I want to play ... and even future ones that I hope you guys create because I sincerely love your work !!! Most people download illegaly so they wont pay a dime... I paid the dimes and had to go illegal so that I could play ....

I also read that Wadget provides this games in CD ? With boxes and all ?? I was really interested in this.... please let me know your thoughts about all this ... serious supporter and buyer and a FAN here .

Kind regards,
Pedro Costa

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