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The Blackwell series / Re: Durkin Sr. nitpick?
« on: July 07, 2014, 06:44:54 AM »
Even though I made fun of them in a LP I started, I liked the letters too. And it made sense to learn about Rosa's family at the same time she did, when she had known so little before the game started.

On topic, Dave Gilbert said in podcasts etc that Unbound and Convergence were originally one game with flashbacks between Lauren and Rosa, that he split into two for... design/time constraint reasons I think? Anyway, he may have revised Sam Durkin's backstory when he rewrote Unbound as its own game. Just a guess.

Chit Chat! / Homepage Latest Releases
« on: June 15, 2014, 06:45:01 AM »
I noticed the Latest Releases bar on the front page isn't showing Blackwell Epiphany yet.  It's  not exactly a devastating oversight when the launch post is still at the top of the page, but I do notice it every time I go there.

I can see why some people are cheesed off with the ending, especially with the ending of Deception implying there would be a reckoning.

After heading Dave's explanation (I haven't got up to it in the commentary but he mentioned it sans spoilers in a podcast in January) his decision made a lot of sense to me. But to be honest I didn't mind much when I played Epiphany?

I say this a lot (well, to my friends, and in blog posts I haven't gotten around to posting) but part of the reason Blackwell gets to me is that a large number of video games, even ones with exceptionally good narratives, go to incredible lengths to lay out the plot points and dramatic beats for you, they practically linger upon them.

Blackwell games just... don't do this. They refuse! For instance, in Deception, when Joey discovered what saving Danny had really accomplished, I thought for SURE Danny would show up as a lost spirit. Nope! No confrontation, no closure. All Joey does, after he hears everything from Lisa, is remark to Rosa on wondering if you made the right choices, at the end of the game. But you can still /tell/ it hit him hard, because the writing (and the voice acting) is that good. That's all you need!

So in any other game, I might have been miffed with the conspiracy of vampires being left unaddressed. But the writing in Epiphany and the direction it chose to take, where it concentrated on Madeline and resolving Joey and Rosa's character arcs, was satisfying enough that I didn't feel let down at all.

That's the reason the 'dropped' plot threads don't bother me, anyway.

As for Joey dealing with the lack of documentation, I like to think that, you know, maybe he wouldn't have to. It'd be trivial for rich vampires in control of a city to make him a brand new birth certificate, send him the deed for the apartment, etc etc, and mail it to him with no return address when he's still in the wandering-apartment-in-daze-knocking-legs-against-furniture phase.

It would be the least they could do after he saved them along with everyone else in NYC. Of course, it would also mean he would be indebted to them. *steeples fingers*

I have to say, it does make me happy to hear that the group might show up in a future story. If they do, I'll be looking forward to it! (despite my paragraph above, hopefully Joey can sit it out. He's dealt with enough crap for several lifetimes)

Maybe a sequel to the Shivah. Hahahah no just kidding. AS AWESOME AS RABBI STONE FIGHTING VAMPIRES WOULD BE.

Hi darkwolf! This is addressed in the FAQ linked from the About section:
Q: Why are most of your games only available on Windows?
A: The games were made using a PC engine, which only compiles to PC systems. We are in discussions with a third party to port our back catalog to iOS, Mac and Linux. So it will happen, just slowly. We have already ported Gemini Rue to just about everything. The Shivah will follow suit soon, followed by the Blackwell series.

You can buy Gemini Rue and The Shivah for Android etc right now, so Blackwell should be coming... eventually! You'll probably have to pay again, but don't quote me on that.

Hopefully they don't mind me stepping in to answer this, feel free to correct me if I have anything wrong.

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