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Right click on the game
Select properties
click "Set launch options"
enter "--setup" into the box

The game will now launch the config screen every time you start the game which will give you all the options you need.

Some AGS games on steam (BTDT/TGP) have an option to right click on the game in the list and launch the setup from there, but there may be some issues with the new steam integration, or it's just harder to get Steam to implement than we think.

After all some assumed getting the game on steam was easy and it wasn't, maybe there's some hoops to jump through to get Steam to let you add a setup option too.

Dave, is this the case? if so, we can start complaining about this on steam's blackwell forums. Convince them that the option is needed.

[attachment deleted by admin]

It's finally there, and many thanks for 25% off the price, this was the thing that made me finally buy Deception :D
Yeah i know i should buy it directly from Dave so his "share" would be higher, but im unemployed bum... every penny counts :P
Meh, those of us who just re bought all the games on steam for the hell of it will make up for that.

The Blackwell series / Re: Blackwell on mac?
« on: December 23, 2011, 04:28:21 PM »
Yeah, it should be doable now that the ports have started. I don't have a mac to test that port, but I've been playing around with a beta android port on my Galaxy Tab.  Most newer games I've tried have been completable on it even if a bit odd to control and there's a few glitches. Plus you can't save in some games because they haven't put in a virtual keyboard and the volume controls don't work in game.  But then the one droid port I found on the AGS forums is apparently just a port of the PSP port.  So it doesn't have normal touch controls, but instead uses something similar to the Monkey island ports to iphone.  (The screen works as a touchpad, you drag your finger and the cursor moves in that direction.  Then you tap when you want to click.)

The most I've done with the remastered Blackwells though was to load up Legacy and see if the dog leash would make it freak out.  Oddly, it worked fine. commentary and all.

It's going to take more work for the ports to be usable by the average user, but at least it's a future possibility now.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Makes sense, the older adventure games basically did the same thing with giving you a score of X out of Y when you finished the game to let you know if you got everything.  So they basically always had them in some form.

I doubt anyone is going to be adding actual achievements to the sierra games or put a full infocom collection up with steamworks integration

Can't wait to see what you come up with for the Blackwell games.  Though I kind of hope one is "Name achieved Blackwell Legacy: Think About it".

Some AGS games on steam like Ben There, Dan That have the option to right click on them and select "Configure GAMENAME"  Picking that launches winsetup.

Maybe when the games become full steamworks games next month, they'll have that option.

Just finished it.  Thank you for the updated version.  The new commentary was intersting.  As far as your infodump complaints go...   "Neverhood's cave of infinity" and other things are way worse, but then I just grew up on the older games.

Re: letters, One thing I always liked about some Sierra CD games is that they'd let you click on letters and a narrator or character would read them to you, but Sierra had enough time/money to do insane things like have all narration in Shadows of Darkness voiced.  (Seriously, when your narrator later goes on to describe your game as the "CD-ROM from hell"...)

As long as it's in a nice readable font, most of us older gamers can deal, but it's better when devs can find other ways to do it.

The Blackwell series / Re: Kelly crash bug - fixed!
« on: December 13, 2011, 01:59:15 PM »
Small glitch with new commentary.  The dog run keeps repeating  the lines about ghosts looking bad in light and about allie & the trailer every time you enter the dog run in the daytime.  And mentions allie & the trailer again at night.

Only other issue I notice was that I got a crash when I clicked on the notebook and tried to do stuff with it as soon as it showed up in the UI, but  it never happened again.

I think the Voice changes may be limited to bringing in Rebecca Whitaker in to do Rosa's lines instead of the original VA they had for Legacy.

Kind of a good idea continuity wise.

Emerald City Confidential / Emerald City Confidential $9 on steam
« on: August 14, 2009, 07:11:05 PM »

And there's no "Third party DRM" notice so that means you can download and install it all you want on any system with your steam account.  You just can't run more than one at a time unless you enter offline mode.

Other playfirst games are there too:

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