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Hello All,

Iīve finished The Blackwell Epipany an hour ago. Thanks to all the people who made this game.
Of course the end gave me goose bumps, but there was much more to the whole thing than just that: One of the most touching moments was, when I read all the prayers in the book at grace church. Yes - Iīve wept. For your better understanding: My favourite uncle died a months ago, and I coulnīt attend his funeral because my dammed boss didnīt give me a day off. My mother will go to hospial to have surgery performed on her spine next monday. And, best of all, I lost my job two weeks ago. My boss - the one who didnīt let me attend my uncleīs funeral - fired me. I feel pretty lost at the moment. The prayers in the book are similar to my own these days.
I am married and have of two sons: Philipp is fouteen years old, Markus, the younger one, is four. Can you imagine what I felt like, when Joey discovered Kendra? Sure. Any father can.
I donīt want to be mistaken: I am not interested in anybodys sympathy, so please do not comment on my personal situation.
Playing through the game gave me a feeling of beeing understood somehow. It was made by people, who know how much crap life can hold and how it feels to live on hope and a prayer.That is true, isnīt it?
When Joey said, he liked the feeling of beeing alive, I couldīt hold back a smile. It was my best moment since weeks.
Thank you for the game, or should I say experience?
No matter what - just thank you.


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