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The Blackwell series / Epiphany ending? (poll)
« on: November 19, 2016, 07:07:47 AM »
Personally i don't like ending sequence at all. I mean everything after Rosa woke up in hospital.
All souls saved (except Joey). Rosa dies. Joey alive. Durkin just disappered in the middle of a game without a word.
Deception ending was more mysterious and i had hope that there is something bigger going on...
Reminds me Fahrenheit game. First part was brilliant but second part was just a garbage.

But i still love backgrounds, voice acting and music in Epiphany. I had 1045 footprins.

I have all games on Steam. Started with Blackwell Deception (after giveaway few years ago) than i bought whole bundle on Steam and i bought Epiphany in last sale.
Unbound is my favourite  then Deception then Convergence.
My english can be bad so sorry for any mistakes.

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