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I don't know. The part about Gavin manipulating Jocelyn makes sense but the one about about Lauren kinda doesn't. If she was being preyed on by Gavin why didn't she feel any adverse effects until Madeleine.
I do feel like Gavin kind of came out of nowhere and his fellow energy vampires never get told about in satisfying way so I see your need to tie him to something.
I also am on the bandwagon that there should be another game set in the blackwell universe featuring the energy vampires being hunted down by the now living Joey and/or Sam Durkin.
On the other hand, Unavowed seems close enough.

Gemini Rue / some story analysis and a question (spoilers)
« on: May 02, 2016, 02:42:49 PM »
I was replaying  gemini rue (for the hundredth time) and I realized something. Both Delta-six and Azriel ask question they already know the answer to.  For example, in the middle scene where you can switch between the two characters; as Delta-six you talk to Balder, who clearly identifies himself as such. Later on, Epsilon-five asks you about it and Delta-Six replies ‘Who’s Balder?’. These two scenes must happen chronologically after each other, so he clearly knows who Balder is. So either he’s exploiting people, or he forgot. While the latter seems more likely I have little to go on so let’s switch to Azriel for now.

Azriel is more straight-forward. When talking to mooks guarding room 2A, you can pester them over and over again . After the first two tries the mook greats you with surprise: “Didn’t I tell you to go away?”  and the response option <I have this condition> appears. Choosing it will result in Azriel trying to blame his attempts on short-term memory loss. Note however that all versions of the response are references to the movie Memento.  Add to the fact Azriel’s face in his character portrait is facing in the same slightly unnatural as Leonard Shelby’s face on the cover of Memento.  Coincidence? I think not.

This of course is not limited to Azriel, Sayuri also searches the dumpster one last time after you ask her to do you a favor. Despite the fact that you just gave her the card she’s looking for in the first place. While this is probably a glitch, people have made jokes that perhaps she had a lapse of short-term memory loss.

Conclusions (Major spoiler warning): both Azriel and Sayuri have been mind wiped. What if Memory erasure causes permanent memory problems and short-term memory lapses? And  while Sayuri got minimally mind-wiped, Delta-Six got mind-wiped a lot. So much so that many of the instructors were starting to worry. And who knows how many times he got mind-wiped before becoming Azriel. Perhaps all that memory erasure took a toll, made him forget things even the most vital information, making all those Memento references seem less out of place.
Question to the creators: Was this intentional or am I overanalyzing this way too much?
Sorry for the long post.

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