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Great to know those are under way! I've just finished the first three parts, will keep an eye out for updates on Steam. I really hate the idea of buying Windows-only games and running them through wine. In the meantime I think I'll try the other series/titles from your catalogue.

Well, I've tried Convergence after moving/renaming ./lib and ./lib64, and using system libraries seems to work, you most likely need libogg, sdl2, libtheora and libvorbis (all packages available via pacman). I'm not 100% sure this will help but wouldn't hurt to try.

I'm using Arch and the Steam versions of the three Blackwell games available on the platform and they run fine, must be the GOG bundle. (I haven't actually looked at the structure of the directory under Steam but will do tonight, you might be able to just use system libs with LD_PRELOAD or some similar hack)

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