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Technobabylon / Re: Graphics mode not supported (Windows 10, See Screenshot)
« on: September 30, 2015, 10:02:13 PM »
Are your screen setting running at 32 bit? If it's running at 16 bit that might cause a problem.
Thank you for your reply. These are my settings, i have even tried changing the actual desktop resolution and ive changed settings in both the catalyst control center and in the default windows settings. But yes i am running at 32bit. Ive tried 16 and forced it down to 16 in the setup file but still nothing works. Heres a screen of my resolution settings.

Also, try running the setup file and changing th graphics driver to direct draw mode. That sometimes fixes this issue.
I appreciate the time for the reply. Like i said in the beginning ive pretty much tried everything that was suggested on steam which this was one of them. I tried every filter, every setting, every option available. Pretty much getting the same error each time but the first line may have different resolutions due to the different filters i tried. Ive tried it in windowed mode as well. It is definitely puzzling. I even opened the config file via notepad and changed values manually to see if the game would reflect but of course it didnt XD.

Technobabylon / Graphics mode not supported (Windows 10, See Screenshot)
« on: September 29, 2015, 01:29:19 AM »
I bought this game less than 30 minutes ago and have not even been able to start it once. All drivers for graphics card are updated (AMD Radeon R7 260x), have changed everything involving resolution and color depth, pretty much every bit of troubleshooting I have read about this game and nothing works (yes I ran as administrator, yes I ran in compatibility mode, yes I downscaled a ton of graphical settings, I am an IT guy for a living just letting you know). I'm fixing to take advantage of the refund policy but am saddened because this game looks amazing. Can anyone help?

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