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So I stared playing Blackwell, I think its the second one. But I'm having a problem. I was getting near the end of case 1 talking to Cecil & got him to talk about his love for sarah. It said in a walkthrough to get Cecil to say what song they played together and record the song. I've asked until there is nothing to ask. He never tells me the song, and when I go to record it says why would I want to record that?please please help!

Gemini Rue / Is this a bug?
« on: January 28, 2015, 05:18:41 PM »
Hi! I'm playing Gemini rue on my google nexus tablet. (android) I don't know if this part is a bug or if I'm stuck! On the off chance that it isn't a bug..here is my issue I am playing as Charlie & I'm trying to get the gun stuck in the pipe out to give to Giselle. I need to move the box/crate to get the gun. It looks like I need to move the box over to the right & up. But since the up arrow option makes him jump on top of the box, I can't move it correctly and continue game. I really want to continue playing, Please help! Thank you!

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