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Technobabylon / Minor bug (possible minor spoilers)
« on: May 24, 2015, 11:23:47 AM »
When controlling the utility drone carrying the cutting laser inside CEL offices as Sesame Latha, you can enter Regis/Lao office and examine the objects there. While most objects give correct descriptions from Latha's perspective who is a stranger office, one message is wrong.

When trying to use the panel on the wall, it returns a message with something like "The panel is already displaying the information according the preferences I have set" - the same message used when Regis and Lao tries to use the panel, but incorrect, since Latha could not have set preferences for the panel, obviously. Probably a forgotten message when rewriting the item descriptions and responses.

I had wonderful time playing this last brilliant installment, but one puzzle broke the otherwise smooth flow of the game.

I am talking about the final "send Madeline away and keep her there" puzzle. My objection is that it is very hard for a player who did not play the previous installment, where various laws and mechanics of the Blackwell world were established. The decisive action itself that brings the solution does not make any sense.

So, what do you think? 

As a lifetime gamer getting pretty old, I am extremely hard to please, but these games just have it in my opinion. The whole series is wonderful, and the last episode is brilliant. Without going into lengthy review, here is what I appreciate most:

- No mundane adventure puzzlework - no makeshift lockpicks composed of paperclips, no carrying tons of junk like various sticks, duct tape pieces, ropes and so on and combining it madly to get the improbable, out of the many options solution the designer deemed the only correct. And I am looking at you, Moebius Rising, with those light seeking puzzles while having a smartphone in the protagonist's pocket.

- Likable, strong characters sketched in a few, but powerful brush strokes. Attention to detail in dialogues, clever references, development of the protagonists.

- Beautiful, lively 2D pixel art full of subtle lighting and mood. Very atmospheric, art that "has a soul".

- Pathos kept within reasonable limits. No battles to save the universe, though the Epiphany finale threaded on a thin ice.

I am subtracting a half-point only for the latest part of the Epiphany which IMO had pacing problems and quite maddening puzzle in the end, but I managed to solve it without external help, so it was passable all and all.

Fantastic revival of a nearly extinct genre of 2D adventure games from a team full of talent. Thank you very much and good luck in your future projects!

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