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Though I probably ruined my working day tomorrow I just needed to finish Blackwell Epiphany first.

Simply amazing. So I just wanted to say thank you for bringing the series Full-Circle. Thank you for the top-notch Commentary! (especially the one about Neshanti which kind of confirmed connection the the Shiva) Thank you for (...) whose role I wont mention but I still loved to see again! Thank you for the hard work and millions of litres of coffee you must have drunk!

I will look forward to the next Wadjet Eye game and hope to hear from you gyus for years to come!

The Blackwell series / Blackwell Unbound Lauren's Dreams
« on: November 06, 2012, 05:38:35 AM »
Recently started replaying the games with the commentary on but I kinda missed how this dreams are connected to the other games. I understood some of them are scenes From Legacy and Convergence, others are scenes from Lauren's past and future but some just don't make sense (yet)
Going through all of them by order.

1. Dream: Lauren seees her mother smiling and waving at her. Maybe she is coping with her loss. But it could also mean that her mother is proud for her accepting the Legacy and doing so well. Soemthing Patty was never able to.

2. Dream A child 7 or 8 years old alone and without friends. First I thought this was lauren's past, i always thought she was a loner as a kid. But then again why would she say "a child2 instead of "me"? Could this be a vision of Rosa alone after her last relative went nuts?

3. Dream A man in tattered cloth screaming, a vision of the devil in the mirror.
That one is easy as it is the deacon, possible a future vision and nod to the first game.

4. Lauren on the brooklin Bridge, at peace, floating in to the water.
Thats the scattering of the ashes in Legacy.

5. Strange room, with a lot of books and Pink. Lauren ignores Joey and it makes her pretty happy.
First the room might be Rosa's appartement (pink, books) on the other hand there is the dialog of Joey and Lauren where she threatens to repaint the Room pink, which really winds Joey up. So either a future vision or Lauren dreaming to make Joey angry.
6. Lauren runs after Jack and Maria, she trips and someone helps her up. At first she thinks it's Maria but then notices it's just someone who looks a lot like her.
A vision of Rosa again.

7. She is in a hospital room trying to talk to a chinese girl. She gains her trust but honestly does not really care.
Thats The scene with Susan in legacy

8. She is on a fire excape watching helplessly how a man gets choked to death.
Thats a scene from Convergence.

9. She is in a huge house with gas-lamps she looks in a mirror and sees an old woman. Suddenly she garbs her.....
I honestly have no idea what this dream is about, probably a nod to another game I haven't played yet or something that will hapen in later games.

10. She sits in a train, she talks to a man and trusts him, mayb even loves him, then the man disappears.
Is this really a nod to Resonnace?..would be cool since it was released that much later. It could be another yet to appear scene though.

11. Lauren in a hospital. She sees her mother and a woman. joey tries to scream at her but she can't understand. Then darkness.
Thats most likely her death. Reason she hates it so much. I wonder who the woman next to her mother is. Could be Rosa but mayb even Madeline? Sadly there is no description.

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